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A true insiders, behind-the-scenes look at the sport of pro fishing . Hosted by Dave Mercer, Bassmaster Emcee and Facts of Fishing host along with his limitless list of pro fishing friends and their awkwardly honest take on a fishing podcast.

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2 days ago

Joey Cifuentes is the reigning Bassmaster Elite Series Rookie of the Year. After winning two Elite Series tournaments and coming close to winning Angler of the Year in his first season. It looked like the Elites was child’s play for the cowboy. But that was last year, this year things are as different as a kaleidoscope. Call it a sophomore slump, call it what you want but Joey Cifuentes went from the top 5 in AOY standings to 102nd place. A year ago he literally had fish jumping in his boat, now they are jumping out of his livewell! How does that happen? The Cowboy joins us from the beach to answers that question as well as many more on this week’s Mercer Podcast.

Wednesday Jul 10, 2024

Who in the heck are the Derby Boys? Well, if you take four of the most colourful characters on the Bassmaster Elite Series - Seth Feider, Matt Robertson, Cory and Chris Johnston, put them all together and you have The Derby Boys. Sure they are all at the top of their game on the water and a threat to win any tournament. But what’s life really like on the road. These four promise to take viewers behind the scenes like never before with their new YouTube series. From fights to farts and everything in between The Derby Boys will bare it all. This week they join the podcast to announce their new show and to talk about well…….EVERYTHING! 

Wednesday Jul 03, 2024

This is a jam-packed super show. First, we have Bassmaster videographer Jake Latendresse just back from covering of Takumi Ito’s 2nd Elite Series win. Then we are joined by Takumi himself with a first hand look at his many Japanese secrets. As if that’s not enough, finally we have an exclusive one-on-one sit down conversation with 19 year old fishing phenom Trey McKinney. The youngest Bassmaster Elite Series champion in history finally breaks his silence and shares his very raw and real thoughts on his Smith Lake disqualification.

Wednesday Jun 26, 2024

It’s Clunn-Day! 4-time Bassmaster Classic Champion, the legendary Mr. Rick Clunn stops by for his monthly visit with an eye-opening conversation that you truly won’t want to miss. But that’s not all - we are also joined by 4-time Classic Qualifier and Elite Series Champion, Takumi Ito. Taku brings his almost addictive child-like enthusiasm to the show and opens up about many things that he has never publicly spoken about before.

Wednesday Jun 19, 2024

This week we have triple the podcast for you with 3 incredible guests. First, it’s Jake’s Take with all the behind-the-scenes dirt from the Wheeler Lake Bassmaster Elite. Then we are joined by the newest Elite Series champion, the Prince of Palatka himself - Cliff Prince. As if that’s not enough, finally, we hook up with Kevin VanDam to talk about recently being a topic on one of the biggest mainstream sports shows on the planet - The Pat McAfee Show.

Wednesday Jun 12, 2024

This week we have another double dose of goodness. First, we are joined by Bassmaster Elite Series pro David Gaston, who recently caught a 831 LB record Tuna. He tells the crazy, jaw-dropping story of the 11-hour fight aboard the 66ft Fat Chick. Then we hook up with The Homeless Fishermen - Marshall Arnwine. Who tells his incredibly inspiring story that just a few years ago, had him eating out of the garbage to today, being a rapidly growing content creator in search of the next world record bass. You don’t wanna miss this episode of the Mercer podcast!

Wednesday Jun 05, 2024

He is a 6-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier, a 2-time Bassmaster winner, the 2021 Bassmaster Angler of the Year, the amazing Feider-Man, Seth Feider joins us this week as he talks about his start to the season, how White Castle once saved his life, tournament rumours, quitting smoking, the urge to pee in his front yard and so, so much more.

Wednesday May 29, 2024

Brandon Palaniuk is a former Bass Nation National Champion, he has qualified for 13 Bassmaster Classics, won 6 Bassmaster Tournaments and 2 Bassmaster Angler of the Year titles. But none of these incredible accomplishments were achieved without a lot of work. This week we get a unique look inside the marvellous mind of “The Prodigy” and how the words 'Liv 2 Fsh' started on his hard hat but have driven him to achieve his childhood dreams.

Wednesday May 22, 2024

Patrick Walters has almost never struggled since joining the Bassmaster Elite Series. When you read his list of accomplishments, it almost sounds fake for an angler that has not even completed his 6th season - 5 Bassmaster Wins, 5 Classics Fished, 24 Top 10s, 3 Century Belts as well as the Record Biggest Win Margin and the Largest Smallmouth Winning Weight EVER! Hot off his last Elite Series win on Lake Murray, Patrick joins the podcast and talks about 1400 unanswered texts, how the Elite Series rookies affect him, his A.O.Y. chances, his biggest rivals and greatest goals. This and so, so much more on this week’s Mercer Podcast.

Wednesday May 15, 2024

Australian Bassmaster Elite Series Champion Carl Jocumsen joins the show and really opens up about, well, EVERYTHING. One by one we break down all the spicy stories in bass fishing and try to figure out the rules that improve them in the future. 
But first we have another edition of Jake’s Take with Bassmaster Videographer Jake Latendresse. Warning - this episode is for entertainment purposes only. Please do not be offended by any of the stories or ideas shared in these conversations. 

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